We Offer The Following Home Inspection Services
General Home inspection

A knowledgable home inspector is invaluable when buying a new home. Before making such a large financial decision it is important to first know the current condition of the home, whether it is old or new.  Determining the type of construction, mechanical, and electrical systems and if they were common at the time of construction is something your Happy Valley home inspector will help you understand. We will first start by inspecting the roof, if we have access to the roof, we will walk the roof and inspect in a safe and sound manner. The best way to accurately assess the current condition of the roof during a home inspection is to climb the roof and see it in person.  During a general home inspection we will inspect: the roof, exterior, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and more.  If you have any questions about the inspection process, or what to expect, please call us at any time!

happy valley home inspector.JPG

Happy Vally home inspector exiting a crawlspace

Sewer Scope, Happy Valley Oregon

The most common way that homes in the Portland and Happy Valley area dispose of wastewater is through a lateral drain line to the sewer main.  Although some homes still operate on cesspool or septic systems, these are uncommon in metro areas today.  The main lateral sewer drain line from a house is a critical component to a happy and functioning drainage system and home. Sewer repairs can be very costly, in some cases they can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Often times the only means for repair is to dig up the old sewer line and replace it with new plastic pipe made of either ABS or PVC.  It is highly recommended to get a sewer scope on any home, old or new.  Defects that we see in newer homes can be improperly sloped pipes, that create an area with standing water or a "belly". A pipe with improper slope can disrupt the proper flow and drainage or waste.  During the sewer scope, we will insert a small camera on a long cable, usually 200 feet in length. We will record the inspection to video, and provide you with a copy.

Happy Valley sewer scope inspection.png

Happy Valley sewer scope. Cracked clay sewer line