Frequently Asked Questions

What if mold is present

Have it removed. More importantly, fix the conditions that are causing the mold. If you can see mold, you have a moisture problem. A large portion of our home inspections are focused on looking for moisture problems.

Why don't you provide your inspection report on site

It takes us a long time to type up our reports. We don’t produce generic check-box reports with three-ring binders; we actually sit down at the computer and take the time to write out our reports in plain English. We also don’t spend our time on-site with our nose buried in tablet or laptop; we spend our time inspecting. We write the report when we get home. We’ll often spend more time writing the report than we do inspecting the house. We provide a lot of detail in our reports, and we try to write them for you the same way we would for a friend or family member. After you read one of our inspection reports, we think you’ll understand why we don’t produce the reports on site.

When will I receive the home inspection report

We deliver all home inspection reports the same day. Sometimes we may send the report out later in the evening if your home inspection didn't start until the late afternoon.

Can I be there for the inspection

Definitely. We prefer to go over the defects in person, before we deliver the report. That way communication is clear, and we can be there to answer any questions in person. (questions later are encouraged as well).

What is included in a typical home inspection

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation. The standard home inspectors report will include an evaluation of the condition of the homes heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, attic, and visible structure. If problems are found, the inspector will refer you to the appropriate specialist or trades person for further evaluation.

What if the report reveals problems

All homes (even new construction) have problems. Every problem has a solution. Solutions vary from a simple fix of the component to adjusting the purchase price. Having a home inspection allows the problem to be addressed before the sale closes.

How long does a home inspection take

Home inspections take between two and three hours for the standard size home. However, for homes above 5,000 square feet, older homes or homes with additions, the inspection may take longer.

What is a home inspection

The inspection is an important part of the home buying process. This is when a licensed home inspector reviews the house to find structural, electrical or mechanical flaws. The home inspection is designed to protect the buyers, by revealing problems they might not have noticed otherwise. It is a "non-invasive" examination of the property, which means the inspector will not cause any damage to the home while inspecting it.