We Offer The Following Home Inspection Services
General Home Inspection

A thorough and unbiased home inspector is essential when purchasing a new home. Murphy Home inspection provides detailed and thorough home inspections in the Portland, Clackamas, and surrounding areas. During a general home inspection, our contractor experienced inspectors will assess the major components of the home, including the roof, exterior, interior, attics, crawlspaces, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

A knowledgable home inspector is an essential part of ensuring that your new home is built with integrity and is safe for you and you family.  Clackamas has a very wet climate.  Moisture intrusion, and damaging leaks are all too common of an issue in Portland area homes. Murphy Home Inspection uses both thermal imaging cameras and various moisture meters during the home inspection to identify areas of moisture intrusion. A typical home inspection will take between 3-4 hours, but may vary depending on the size and condition of the home.  You are encouraged to join us at the home for an in person walk through to discuss the home inspection findings.  But all items will be included in your detailed home inspection report.  Additionally, if you have any questions when you review the detailed report, please don't hesitate to give us a call.   

home inspector, clackamas oregon.png

Clackamas, Oregon Home inspector checking for moisture damage

Sewer Scope, Clackamas Oregon

Most homes in the Clackamas area connected to the city sewer system through a lateral drain line that runs to the sewer main, usually under the street.  Sewer lines can be quite difficult and costly to repair, so it can be wise to have a thorough sewer scope inspection of the pipes to ensure that there are no defects, such as low-points or bellies, offset pipe joints, cracked pipes, root intrusion, or debris build-up.  Your Murphy Home Inspection sewer scope technician will use a high quality sewer camera to inspect the interior of the pipe. We use only the best equipment, Ridgid brand Seesnake cameras, that produce videos with clarity and definition.  A copy of the inspection video will be included with the report.  If your inspector does find any defects in the sewer line, they will mark the location of the defect with the approximate depth, which helps to get more accurate repair cost estimates in the future.  Whether you are purchasing a newer or older house, it is best to assess the condition of the sewer line. 

Clackamas oregon sewer scope. Offset pip

Clackamas, Oregon sewer scope. Offset pipe joint